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Aeroturbines offer architects the unique opportunity to integrate wind energy production into a building’s design, hence the name “Aerotecture”.  Buildings can be designed so as to focus and accelerate winds thereby augmenting the energy Aeroturbines can capture.  With future mandates being put upon architects to build bulidings using renewable energy, Aeroturbines can help you add a higher points score for your LEED goals. Aeroturbines are also modular so that more turbines can be installed where more energy is needed. Click here for a gallery of concept drawings from CEO Bil Becker and other artists.

In order to operate efficiently, Aeroturbines must be building attached, above or away from surrounding trees and other obstruction, and in an area with average wind speeds of at least 10 mph.

Aerotecture paradigm:

  • where wind farms are big, we are small
  • where wind farms are rural, we are urban
  • where wind farms avoid buildings, we attach to them
  • where wind farms seek single monster units, we deploy many units
  • where wind farms are hundreds of miles from their 'users', we are right there


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Certification Letter

Aerotecture Warranty

520H Aeroturbine System Schematic

510V Aeroturbine System Schematic

CAD 510V Aeroturbine drawing

CAD 510V Aeroturbine with base stand drawing

CAD 520H Aeroturbine drawing

CAD 510V1 Hybrid Aeroturbine drawing

CAD 510V3 Hybrid Aeroturbine drawing