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While it is structurally possible to install Aeroturbines onto single family homes, larger commercial and multi-family residences typically have access to stronger winds than do single-family residences.  The reason for this is, single family homes tend to be built around trees and other obstacles that can block the wind. Single family homes can also be bulit lower to the ground than apratment buildings or condominiums. Subsequently, the payback period for an Aeroturbine on a single-family home may be much longer.  We are therefore focusing only on commercial buildings and multi-family residential developments at this time.

Yes, some people do live in single-family homes with wind speeds of 10 mph. and above. If you are one of those and live near our Chicago, IL dealership you could be a good candidate for an Aeroturbine. If you live outside the Chicago, IL area please be patient until the mass production and dealership phases begin.

We need a certifed dealership in your area to take delivery of the Aeroturbine, install them and maintain them.

If you live on a farm or have acreage you might consider using a larger wind turbine or a propellor type. These turbines are great for people who live on a lot of land. The Aeroturbines are designed for urban use where there isn't a lot of land and for building attached, roof-top mounting only.

For information on small wind systems from the American Wind Energy Association, visit http://www.awea.org.