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ABT Electronics goes green! WGN News Channel 9 click here

All Aboard, story by Edward Lifson, Dwell Magazine Nov 2008 issue

The Vinyl Frontier, A Green Rehab By Wilkinson Blender Totally Rocks, by Lisa Skolnik, Chicago Architect Sep-Oct 2008 issue

Chicago Tonight WTTW Channel 11, Chicago Public Broadcasting - Growing Forward series, by Rich Samuals takes a look at the Mauceri's Green Home: Click link here

See the movie "Before Spring" in its entirety at the Chicago Green Festival on May 17th at Navy Pier. For more information on the movie Click link here

WBEZ 91.5 FM Chicago Public Radio. Chicago Matters - Wind Power's Allure For Architects, Engineers, produced by Shawn Allee on April 1, 2008: Click link here

The 2008 Green Awards, The Shining, by Nora O'Donnell & Cassie Walker, Chicago Magazine April 2008: Click link Here

Learning to Live on Alternative Energy by David Sokol, Architectural Record Magazine March 2008 issue: Click link here

A Change In The Wind, by Lisa Skolnik, Metropolitan Home Magazine April 2008 issue: Click link here

Solid Gold, by Geoff Manaugh, Dwell Magazine March 2008 issue: Click link here

Wind Power Finding a Niche by Sharon Stangenes, Chicago Tribune October 26, 2007: Click link here

Green Power- Puff of Free Energy Helps Make Home More Nearly Self-Sufficient by Sharon Strangenes, Chicago Tribune October 26, 2007: Click link here

Plenty Green Architecture Magazine, A Mighty Wind by Susan Cosier, Oct/Nov 2007 issue: Click link here

National Geographic Magazine October 2007 issue, The Ameriprise Finanacial Life Dreams section: Click link here

Architecture Boston Magazine, September/October 2007 issue, artical: Concrete Dreams, Can Sustainable Design Make City Hall Inspirational Again? by John King

Discovery Science Channel, Eco-Tech feature on Aerotecture International Inc. aired on August 23, 2007

Special Report: Extreme Green House In Wicker Park on Channel 2 Newscast, August 8, 2007: Click link here

San Francisco hopes to set example with new green tower.  San Francisco Chronicle , John King, Chronicle Urban Design Writer (Friday, April 13th 2007): Click link here Here is the official news announcement for the new San Francisco PUC Building with a nice description of the Aerotecture windturbine and Randal Museum, courtesy of Ned Kahn.

Sharoff, Robert. (November 5, 2006).  Social improvement with architecture.  New York Times, Real Estate:Click link here This story highlights Aerotecture’s most recent installation of eight 520H Aeroturbines on the roof of the Mercy Housing Lakefront Housing Near North SRO in Chicago.

Smog Veil Records Creating Green Digs In Chicago by P. Sisson, Chicago Tribune October 18, 2006 : Click link here This news article features the sustainable rehab of a two-story residential building in Chicago that will be used as a combined living space and office for Smog Veil Records.  This rehab includes two vertically-installed Aeroturbines as well as solar electric panels.

Chicago Looking To Residents For Eco-Initiatives by J. Lipman, Daily Southtown April 20, 2006 : Click link here
This article describes the city’s plan for installing four Aeroturbines on top of the Daley Center, which would make them the highest building-attached wind turbines in the world.

Success Spurs City To Expand Curbside Recycling by F. Spielman, Chicago Sun-Times April 20, 2006 : Click link here This story features some of the highlights of Chicago’s 2006 Environmental Action Agenda, including plans for installing four Aeroturbines on the 680-ft Daley Center.

Wisby, Gary. (January 24, 2006) Chicago Sun-Times. Article: Click link here City planners to give wind machines a whirl: Daley Center, Near North Side building get turbines in spring.

Donato, Marla. (August 2005).  Urban wind visionary: University of Illinois professor says the answer to cities’ energy needs are blowin’ in the wind.  Conscious ChoiceArticle Link: Click link here

National Public Radio, Weekend Edition Sunday. (August 26, 2001). Chicago Windmills. Robbie Harris of Chicago Public Radio reports on plans in Chicago to put windmills on top of skyscrapers in an effort to bring cheaper power to the city.  Listen to this audio interview with Bil Becker at:Click link here