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Aeroturbines are:

Wind turbines designed for urban settings.  Invented by University of Illinois industrial design professor, Bil Becker, Aeroturbines are a new development in wind turbine technology.  Aeroturbines can be installed on existing rooftops or built into the architecture of new buildings to provide clean renewable electricity at its site of consumption.  Aeroturbines are uniquely suited to urban environments because they are:

  • Noise and vibration-free
  • Safe for birds
  • Able to utilize multi-directional and gusting winds
  • Self-regulating (no overspeed protection required)
  • Low maintenance
  • Made from low-cost and readily available materials

Download our 3 fold, 2 sided brochure:

Aerotecture Brochure page 1

Aerotecture Brochure page 2

Aeroturbine Paradigm:

  • where wind farms are big, we are small
  • where wind farms are rural, we are urban
  • where wind farms avoid buildings, we attach to them
  • where wind farms seek single monster units, we deploy many units
  • where wind farms are hundreds of miles from their 'users', we are right there

The structural features of the Aeroturbine allow for its easy integration into new or existing buildings: the modular/stackable cages are additive and can be mounted in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal orientation.

There are currently 2 models of Aeroturbines available, the 610V and 712V. All models of the Aeroturbine may be easily integrated with solar photovoltaic systems making them "Hybrids".

In order to operate efficiently, Aeroturbines must be installed at least 40 ft. above the ground (because at this height you are typically above most trees and for every 40 ft. the wind speeds tend to double), roof mounted or building attached, above or away from surrounding trees and other obstruction, and in an area with average wind speeds of at least 10 mph.

We are currently developing and testing a smaller, residential model.  Once perfected, residential Aeroturbines will be available for residential buildings.

We currently do not have an extensive dealer network in place. You would need a certified dealer in your area to take delivery of the Aeroturbine, install it and maintain it properly. We currently have dealers located in Chicago, Illinois and Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Any projects outside a radius of 50 miles from one of our dealers will be carefully considered by the CEO.

Once manufacturing is in place for the Aeroturbines we will be able to supply them to a larger customer area, but until then we are doing small batch production runs here in Chicago, Illinois.

Solar Systems:

SunStrut is the name of Aerotecture International’s 12 panel PV support structure.

Each SunStrut holds 12 – 175 Watt solar electric individual panels and is ballasted (held down by weight) to flat roofs.

Each SunStrut can produce up to 2100 Watts of electricity and 2500 kWhs per year.

For more information about the SunStrut solar system click here.


Site evaluations are the necessary first step in determining a project’s feasibility for renewable energy systems. A RESE involves a site visit, evaluation, and report. Some of the variables we will consider in this evaluation are:

Your renewable energy needs and budget - including wind and solar
Your carbon footprint review and energy efficiency upgrades
An initial environmental infrastructure and electrical review and any LEED goals architects might have
An initial technical review to include: Architectural profile (roof design/attachment options), utility access, energy demand profile, and estimated potential contribution
An evaluation of any design constraints, zoning and building codes
Return on investment numbers (ROI) as well as incentives available

Design evaluations are the necessary first step in determining a project’s feasibility for installing renewable energy systems into brand new buildings. A REDE involves a meeting with the buildings architect, structrual engineer, general contractor and owner to develop and educate the team on all the different renewable energy design options that are available to them. We gather information specified to this proposed site, reveiw the blueprints or drawings, make initial determinations on concepts for a successful installation, and answer any questions you have about the renewable energy system, the installation or the technology itself. It is our intent to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your investment in renewable energy.

Professor Bil Becker's Presentation on "Building Attached Renewable Energy Systems for the Urban World". Use this to educate your team on renewable energy or for a great key note speaking event.
Viewed by many: SOM Skidmore Owings & Merrill, Perkins & Will
ARUP Engineers , Epstien & Associates & HOK.
Topics will include:
Building envelope and thermal controls
Building orientation for wind and solar
Day lighting and shading systems
Energy efficiency at all levels of buildingware
Landscaping and 'roofscaping'
'Integrated' design with renewables

Aerotecture International will custom design & fabricate Aeroturbines and Sunstruts upon request as well as do “green” product consulting work upon retainer.