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Mauceri Residence, Chicago

1825 W . Wabansia Ave., Chicago, Illinois

This is the first renewable energy, wind supported, multiunit, urban, small building in Chicago Illinois. Similar projects have been built in the country using solar power but have not been replicated in cities.

The special difference involves the use of Areotecture Aeroturbines, which quietly and safely generate wind electric power without interfering with neighbors and wildlife at neighborhood rooftop levels.

The special design vision for this project came from a strong collaboration with the clients Frank and Lisa Maurceri, the firm Wilkinson Blender Architecture Inc. and the talented design/build team of Aerotecture International Inc.  This  very positive and creative collaboration has brought a new exemplar, that combines beauty of form with the possibility of zero energy consumption for the building.

The combined contributions of the two 1000 watt Aeroturbines working with a 5000 watt solar electric array has the potential to power all the needs of the building over a one year period

Mauceri Home Video Clip

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